Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Letter: Are we forgetting something?

Our life is like a car and we are driving it.

Usually, we stare in the rear view mirror, to look back on what we have passed. This mirror signifies our past. We keep focusing on what all has happened and keep wondering on how it will come to affect us in our future.

When done with this, we look out of the windshield and stare into what will come. The future which we expect will be ours is how we see through the windshield. As soon as we think an obstacle is about to hinder us, we take a diversion. We concentrate most on the future and what will happen.

This is life for us.

Oh. Uh, I guess I am forgetting something?

Yeah! The windows of a car! The present which goes past us in a flash and yet we tend to ignore it.
We only look back on it later on, when it has gone back in the past and regret our actions.

We only have one life, just ponder on this:

The activity which we are currently indulged in, will it be a cause for regret for us later on?

Yes? Then stop doing it.

No? Continue doing it and have a happy life!

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