Thursday, 11 August 2016

Fiction: I Give Up!

What would you do if the world comes crashing down around you?

Would you look at it and gasp with horror lacing your voice or will you take a stand against the evil you have brought upon yourself?

Facing this dilemma, with wide eyes, peachy skin and trembling hands, I write my last words on this peace of paper.

This will very well be my last act before I try to escape the eternal misery which is placed like a shroud over our shoulders.

Hyperbole much? Well, take it as a suport system, a last minute effort by my body to take a stand, which I won't allow to take place.

I know what you, the reader who has reached this place in my so called 'suicide note' would be thinking on when am I going to apologize to my parents for taking this rash action with some flimsy excuse which would not be able to shatter the facade I might have built beacause, you know, I would be.... dead.

Ouch, that hurts me in the core to just write that on this.

I will just end with this:

It was my folly wholeheartedly on not recognizing that our world is not an ideal place. It grieves me to realize on how that one small err on my being has placed me in my current position right now.

To tall those who might read this? Take a lesson from me. Take it as the 'girl who gained wisdom a tad bit late' thought.

Kids? Grow up quick, else you might just be left for good.

Goodbye world, thanks for making me sound preachy even in my last words.

Well, Bye?


With that, I brought the knife to my wrist and slit it, while my eyes were scrunched up in the effort to stay calm. I felt the warm, ichor like liquid flowing down my hand.

With a small smile, I breathed my last as two drops smeared the end of my suicide not, making a smiley?

Goodbye, I breathed with a sigh.


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